De-identified Workforce Risk Scoring Made Simple

We encourage you to interact with our Covid-19 maps shown below. These heat maps have been created in Tableau and reside in our HIPAA-compliant server. To interact with the map simply hover over the content you wish to see. You will also see a dialog box offering zoom in/out and "lasso" features. Simply click on the Home icon to revert to original map

The Health Risk Map depicts a sample "composite health risk" for an employer with worksites in various cities. The health risk is comprised of health risk factors, such as obesity and smoking as well as chronic health conditions, such as diabetes and hypertension. The risk factor data is sourced from publicly available websites. The chronic conditions may be sourced from either publicly available websites or actual client claims data. You may select anyone of the cities by using the filter to the right of the map.

The Covid-19 Map depicts cases throughout America. To see current case data for any city simply hover on the search icon and enter the name of the city, county, or state and the map will automatically zoom in on the area. The Home button reverts to the original map. Currently we refresh the data weekly. In the very near future data will be refreshed daily through our API

The Trend Map shows the weekly change in cases. The case and death data is sourced from publicly available websites. We can show the trend based on the timeframe of your choosing. Please note material changes in stats could also be based on more people being tested or more accurate testing.

If you like this type of trend map and have another use case in mind, please note we can handle your end-to-end process from analysis to data staging to data visualization.

To learn more about how we can help you make great data discoveries for Covid-19 or any HR/Benefits/Insurance use case please call 201.891.8010 or email us at We are hopeful our interactive maps can help you minimize Covid-19 infection rates and mitigate risks. Thank you for your interest.

What experts are saying...

"Applying de-identified health risk factors for each of our locations is much better than our dart throwing strategy"

"Heat maps which use actual client data gives employers the information they need to make good decisions"

"Stratifying risk makes a lot of sense.  I endorse this method 100%"


Underlying health conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, and asthma as well as health risk factors including obesity and smoking, increase the vulnerability of catching COVID-19. While employers are managing the basic blocking and tackling (safe distancing, hand sanitizers, masks, and staggering shifts) we go way above and beyond the basics. Our solution is smart because we calculate risk scores and stratify the population. We do this by 1) Analyzing the COVID-19 counties and health risk factors where employees live, and 2) Digging deeper by leveraging claims data to assess the risk based on underlying conditions. This can be accomplished in a de-identified as well as an identifiable manner.


In these extraordinary times "fast" is the only option. Given the velocity and danger of the spread, the only play is to hit the ground running. The good news is we only need data which is readily available in most organizations. Once we get the data we can generally publish heat maps within 1 - 2 weeks. Fast enough?!

Our Story

COVID-19 gave birth to the spin out of HRBP Labs. Our parent, HR Best Practices enjoys solving clients' complex HR and insurance needs through data and technology. HR Best Practices leverages human capital data and specializes in healthcare benefits audits, analytics, and administration.

Our Vision

We are here to help employers mitigate risk to its workers, customers, financials, and shareholders. How do we do this? Our process focuses on identifying at-risk employees with underlying health conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, and asthma that if not managed, can spread the virus.


We are data geeks and take our technology very seriously. First and foremost we store our data in a HIPAA-compliant AWS cloud which is only accessible through a secure VPN. We use a combination of Python, SQL, and tableau. We help clients make great discoveries by mashing up disparate data sets and showing the results in really cool heat maps.

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